The Problem of Translation
wood, chipboard, fabric
installation view:

'Higher Atlas', Marrakech Biennale
Théâtre Royal,

Marrakech, 2012





My installations often include theatrical aspects and share a common aesthetic with stage sets. For the auditorium of Théâtre Royal, an unfinished opera house that reveals its bare concrete structure, I conceived an installation that resembles a scenery setting of sand dunes. The dunes are reproduced several times creating a cloned landscape that follows the existing curved steps at the site. I chose this landscape as a representation of evolution in which movement is orchestrated by nature.

The cloned dunes also refer to digital technology and how it enables endless repeatability of any given shape; they symbolize a natural form re-constructed by algorithms through Cinema 4D, a modeling software. Computer-generated design is becoming ubiquitous, creating our everyday environment, the urban space. For instance, architecture is developed through 3D-software with models resulting from a 3D plotter. How do these technological advancements influence our relationship to the world and our sense of reality?

During the process of translating the virtual model into real space, I became immersed in the modeling system, ultimately creating my own grid. Working from the upper right corner down to the lower left corner, I applied a web of stripes similar to an analogue version of the rendering of surface within the program. The representation of the sand dunes demonstrates an artificiality that is further reinforced by the synthetic material and color in my construction, making a stark contrast to the rough, dark concrete of the theatre.

The theatre inspires me as an architectural structure that purposefully directs vision. With my installation, I wish to reverse the circumstances of stage and audience; therefore, the auditorium itself becomes the stage that contains the setting, while the actual stage is missing. With the ongoing tumults in North Africa in mind, the work could be seen as a movement situated in the audience, and not on stage as expected.

text in German