Sinta Werner bares unerringly the insecurities and the breaches between space and image; she interlaces them and eventually conflicts them, guiding them ad absurdum. In her architectonic installations, she often creates illusions of mirroring or double exposure – the exhibition space therefore appears flat or manipulated, as in a collage. Merging genres between painting, sculpture and architecture, she unravels the historical notion of one-point-perspective and reverses the idea of illusionist painting so that the illusion of flatness in space is intentionally evoked. Within Werner’s in-situ constructions, a room is established as something eminently pictorial, creating a setting for the act of observation itself.

In recent installations and collages, the represented object (for example: an exhibition space, folded paper, broken glass) is confronted with its own image. This copy is printed and ultimately wallpapered, painted, or projected back onto the surface of the actual object. The resulting image is consequently split into its semantic layers of the depicting support and its subject, of what it physically is and what it stands for, putting Saussure's theory of the sign into practice.

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(Hayward Publishing 2009) ©Sally O'Reilley

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