installation views:
'Setting the Setting',
Nettie Horn,
London, 2012(solo)





'En passant'
Fine Art prints on window

'Schattenfassaden I - IV'
60 x 50cm each

'Setting the Setting / Staging the Fake'
honeycomb cardboard, Fine Art prints
290 x 140 x 100cm
...All the works have in common that the image-support is at the same time the image-subject. The central piece 'Setting the Setting / Staging the Fake' consists of honeycomb-cardboard panels, staged like improvised architectural walls not yet in their final position. This arrangement has then been photographed, printed and mounted back onto the panels, so that shifts of perspective are evoked, and so that the surrounding architecture - i.e. the panels and images of the panels and exhibition space - are interlaced. Conceptually this work can be seen in the tradition of Joseph Kosuth's famous piece 'One and Three Chairs', which consists of a chair, a photograph of it, and it's dictionary definition. Whilst Kosuth had been splitting up the object into its semiotic layers, Werner's interest lies in the object being split up into its dimensions, yet still being contained within one piece; and in the fragmentation, dislocation and shift in perception involved in this process. The honeycomb-cardboard panels (as well as the frames in the slide-object shown in the basement) have been selected as subject matter for their neutrality, and for functioning as mere extensions of the exhibition space, or display...


'Mise en Scène de la Scène'
Fine Art print, strings, packing paper
288 x 283 x 100cm

'Inset II'

'untitled (Folds unfold')
28 x 20cm