Grey Areas
MDF, wood, paint
installation view:
Nettie Horn, London






Sinta Werner's elaborately constructed stage, within the main gallery, will structurally and optically disrupt the space by the careful creation of two illusory mirrors, both of which go on to reveal a virtual space behind their professed presence. Her interest lies in the in-between-state between picture and space through principles taken from the thetrical stage. In that context she engages with the tradition of illusionistic painting and Alberti's metaphor of the visual pyramid. P laying essentially with the architectural aspects of her surroundings, her works deconstruct and fragment the space - creating not merely optical illusions but even elaborate fictitious environments through which the viewer's vision is deceived. Merging the genres of painting, sculpture, installation and architecture, Werner's practice deals with the concept of one-point-perspective - creating a unique viewing point from which the space appears flat and pictorial.