Dialectics of Fakes
cardboard, 2 projections
installation view:

'Dialectics of Fakes', Basement, FaMa Gallery
Verona, 2011





‘Dialectics of Fakes’ is a full-scale model of a basement whereas the exhibition space is as well localized in the basement. To achieve an artificial, temporary effect, Werner fabricated a structure using materials that resemble a large version of those used to build architectural models. It is not clearly established whether ‘Dialectics of Fakes’ is a “replica” of a basement that really exists in an anonymous building somewhere; what is important in this and the artist’s previous work is the process of defining the object, in this case, a building is extracted from its materialness and rendered as a mere representation. The analytical and objective certainty of the scale plan, or the three-dimensional depiction of the architectural model, is challenged by the artist, who uses these very tools to create her deception. The installation is completed with windows cut out of the walls that reveal images taken in the artist’s Berlin studio, thereby harmonizing the diverging spatial and temporal situations involved. (Matteo Pollini)